Meeting All Your Needs
Our staff at CoueyReeceStanley Funeral Home is licensed to handle the requests and needs of all families. Our facilities are designed to offer families many options when planning services as well as privacy and comfort.

  • Our Crematory is operated and every cremation performed by a Georgia Licensed Funeral Director or a Certified Crematory Operator.
  • The cremation chamber is cleaned thoroughly after every cremation to insure that there is minimal co-mingling of cremains.
  • Service options are virtually unlimited. It no longer takes days to get cremated remains back from the crematory.
Many options are available when planning a funeral and our staff strives to be flexible in order to provide every requested detail. We handle the details associated with arranging services which can include but are not limited to contacting and coordinating clergy, musicians, pall bearers, hairdressers, cemeteries, military, fraternal organizations, florists, monument company, airlines, etc. Our staff also handles composing and publishing obituaries, composing and printing funeral bulletins, prayer cards, etc. Professional audio and video recording of funerals is also available. We also handle making in house ďA Celebration of Life Memorial Tribute DVDís to be played either at the visitation, funeral, or both. We additionally handle the filing of the death certificate, life insurance claims, notifying Social Security, the Veterans Administration, etc. We have a complete line of caskets, vaults and clothing available with varying prices to meet individual or family needs when planning any type of funeral service or cremation service. The question of what kind of funeral one should have can only be answered by the one asking the question. At CoueyReeceStanley Funeral Home we offer numerous services to help meet the needs of all of the bereaved. In todayís society funeral service provides respectful care of the deceased while helping survivors face the reality of death. We trust that the services we offer will help meet your needs of facing the reality of death.

  • Traditional Funeral Services: This type of funeral includes embalming, a casket, outer-burial container, visitation, a formal funeral ceremony at the funeral home chapel, a church or at the graveside. This is followed by burial in the cemetery.
  • Traditional Cremation: This type of funeral is similar to a traditional funeral, but is followed by cremation after the funeral service. With this service a rental casket is usually used and many choose to purchase an urn for final disposition.
  • Direct Cremation: This is used when it is the desire of the family not to have any formal viewing or service with the body present.
  • Memorial Service: This allows a family to have a funeral service without the deceased present. A gathering of family and friends and service is available.
  • Forwarding and Receiving of Remains: This is the forwarding or receiving of the deceased to or from another funeral home for final arrangements.
  • Direct Burial: Arrangements are made to inter the deceased in a cemetery without any ceremony or visitation. This can include a casket and outer-burial container.
  • Military Rites: Our firm will assist families of military veterans with obtaining all of the military rites due the deceased